I want to take up a sport. How do I find a club?

You can get your local CAB  to help you with this or you can search our online community directory. 

Also, your local council will have contact details for sports clubs in your area.

I’d like to get funding for my sports club. What are the options?

Sport New Zealand does not directly provide sports funding, but offers a directory of potential funding sources that may be appropriate for your region or situation.

I’d like to be a referee. Are there any courses for this?

Referees are needed for most sports, and being a referee can be fulfilling if you are interested in a sport, but cannot play. If you’d like to become a referee, you should see the local club of the sport that you want to referee. You might have to take a course first, and the club will be able to point you in the right direction for anything you may need to learn about refereeing.

I’m interested in becoming a coach.  Where can I get help with this?

If you’re interested in coaching, a good starting point is the Sport New Zealand website. The website has tips for getting started in coaching, as well as information and support material for coaches wanting to development their skills.

You can contact local schools or sports clubs, or the regional administration offices of the sports you are interested in getting involved in. They may have an opening for a coach or a coach's assistant, and may also be able to tell about any coaching workshops.

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