I want to put up posters to advertise my gig. What are the rules for this?

Each council will have its own rules about where you can put up posters in public places in your local area. Contact your local council to find out where you can put up your posters.

Some cafes and restaurants, and other retailers, allow the display of posters in their venues.  It is their decision as to whether or not the poster can be displayed on their premises so you will need to ask the staff or management for permission to display your poster. Some venues will allow you to put the poster up yourself, while others may prefer to place the poster themselves.  

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I would like to join a book group or writers group. How do I go about finding one?

A book group can be a good way to ensure that you read books you might not otherwise read, and have the chance to discuss them with others. The Book Discussion Scheme website has a list of affiliated book groups.

If you’re interested in writing, whether professionally or just as a hobby, getting together with other writers is a good way to get advice and inspiration. You can find a list of writers groups on the New Zealand Society of Authors website.

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I am new to the area and want to link up with others from my ethnic group. Is there a local group or organisation I can contact?

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to provide you with information and contact details for any groups or organisations there may be in your local area for your ethnic group. Or you can search our online community directory for this information. 

The Office of Ethnic Affairs has information on their website on ethnic community groups around New Zealand.

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What low cost leisure activities are available in my local area?

Most communities provide the public access to a range of leisure areas, facilities and activities either for free or at a low cost - the range and type will of course vary from place to place. They may include museums, art galleries, libraries, botanic gardens, nature walks, public swimming pools, fairs and festivals – and more besides. 

Most councils provide information about the leisure areas, facilities and activities available in their local area. Some of these activities are available at a discount for people with low income. Contact your local CAB for more information.