Preparing your workplace for emergencies 

What can I do to prepare my staff in the case of an earthquake or other emergency?

If you employ staff the law requires you to plan for an emergency situation. This means having procedures in place to deal with emergencies and ensure that employees are well informed about these procedures.

You can download a set of template procedures from the Environment Protection Agency to help you.

Your employees should have easy access to the following in an emergency:

  • Essential phone numbers
  • Names and contact details of Wardens
  • Names of first aiders
  • Locations of firefighting equipment
  • Whom accidents should be reported to, depending on the type of emergency
  • The evacuation procedure
  • Where the Civil Defence equipment is and when it was last checked

Make sure to have regular drills so that staff get to practise finding all this information and going through the evacuation procedure.

What can I do to protect the information I need to run my business?

You should keep backup files of all essential information, because if there is an emergency you may not be able to re-enter your workplace to retrieve documentation. If you don’t have access to this information you may not be able to check on your staff’s wellbeing immediately after an emergency, or resume business.

A team of New Zealand researchers called Resilient Organisations has a downloadable booklet with tips and advice for keeping your business going in a crisis.

More information about preparing your workplace for emergencies can be found on: