Loans and Credit 

Being a guarantor

What should I consider before agreeing to be a guarantor?
What can I do to protect myself as a guarantor?

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Consumer credit contracts - buying on credit

What’s the difference between hire purchase and layby? 
My hire purchase agreement includes insurance – do I have to pay for this too or is it optional?

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Consumer credit contracts - general information

What are some typical fees that are applied to credit contracts?
What is a disclosure statement?
Can I change the conditions of a credit contract or cancel the contract altogether?

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Consumer credit contracts - loans

What is a 'secured' loan?
The bank won’t give me a loan – what are my options for borrowing money?

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Credit cards

My credit card provider has raised my credit limit but I didn't ask them to! Can they do this?
What is the difference between a store card, a finance card and a credit card?

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Credit checks

How do I check my credit record?
I paid off my overdue debts, so why are they still showing up on my credit report?

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Home equity release loans

What is a home equity release loan?
What is a home buyback scheme?

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How much can I borrow to buy a house?
Can I get a mortgage without a deposit or with a low deposit?
Is there assistance for people borrowing to buy their first home?

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What is a pawnbroker?
What do I need to know about getting a loan from a pawnbroker?
How is a loan from a pawnbroker different from other types of consumer credit?

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