Loans and Credit 

Being a guarantor

What should I consider before agreeing to be a guarantor?
What can I do to protect myself as a guarantor?

and more...

Consumer credit contracts - buying on credit

What’s the difference between hire purchase and layby?
I tried to buy a new refrigerator on credit, but my application was declined. Can they do that?
My hire purchase agreement includes insurance – do I have to pay for this too or is it optional?

Consumer credit contracts - general information

What are some typical fees that are applied to credit contracts?
How can I understand the credit contract's terms and conditions?
Can I change the conditions of a credit contract or cancel the contract altogether?

and more... 

Consumer credit contracts - loans

What is a 'secured' loan?
Can I be forced to pay for admin fees on my loan when the finance company accidentally omitted them in the first place?  

Credit cards

My credit card provider has raised my credit limit but I didn't ask them to! Can they do this?
What is the difference between a store card, a finance card and a credit card?

and more... 

Credit checks

How do I check my credit record?
I paid off my overdue debts, so why are they still showing up on my credit report?

and more...

Home equity release loans

What is a home equity release loan?
What is a home buyback scheme?

and more...


I'm thinking of buying a house. What are the differences between floating and fixed rate mortgages?
What happens if I pay my mortgage back early?

and more...


I'm thinking of taking my jewellery to a pawnshop so I can borrow money from them. What exactly is a pawnbroker?
What do I need to know about getting a loan from a pawnbroker?
How is a loan from a pawnbroker different from other types of consumer credit?

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