IRD and Taxes 

Assistance with Tax

Who can help me manage my taxes?
What do I need to know about tax refund agents who claim to get me a refund for free?

and more...

Child Support - how it works

What is child support?
How are child support payments calculated?

and more...

Child Support - issues and problems

Will my child support payments be stopped if my new girlfriend moves in with us?
How do I dispute the amount of child support I have to pay?

and more...

Employment & Tax

Do I need to fill in a tax return if I am an employee and my tax is deducted by my employer? 
Are my tax obligations different if I'm aged less than 18 years?

and more...

Gift and Estate Tax

I want to give a large amount of money to my son as a wedding present. Will I have to pay gift duty?
I am leaving my house to my children when I die. Will they have to pay estate duty?

Goods and Services Tax

What is the Goods and Services Tax?
Should I register my business for GST?

and more...

Personal Income Tax

How do I get an IRD number?
What is a tax code, and how do I know what mine is?

and more....

Self-employment & Tax

I am self employed. What are my tax obligations?
I'm doing casual work for someone and getting paid cash. Am I required to pay tax on this income, and who is responsible for ensuring it is paid? 

and more...

Working holidays and tax

I’m in New Zealand on a working holiday. What are my tax obligations while I am here and when I leave?
I’m going on my OE and will be based in the UK for a couple of years. What will be my tax obligations?
and more...

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