Banking, Investments and Trusts 

Bank Payments

What is the difference between an automatic payment and a direct debit?
I have had money removed from the bank by direct debit, but I have not signed any forms...
If I cancel my gym membership, who’s responsible for cancelling the direct debit...?

and more...

Banking Ombudsman

What is the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?

Family Trusts

What is a family trust and why would I want to set one up?
Who is involved in the workings of a trust?
What are my responsibilities as a trustee?

and more...

Financial Service Complaints

Who is considered to be a ‘financial service provider’?
What is a financial services disputes resolution scheme?
How do I know which Scheme my provider belongs to?
How do these Schemes work?

and more...

General banking

I've never had a bank account - what do I need to do to open one?
What kinds of proof of identity (ID) will the bank accept?
I need to open a bank account but don’t have the right combination of ID documents...

and more...  


I have some money I want to invest. What do I need to know?
Does a financial advisor have to be qualified, or can anyone do it?
What should I look for when choosing a financial adviser?

and more...

KiwiSaver basics

Who can start a KiwiSaver account?
How do I choose which KiwiSaver provider to sign up with?
How do I change to a different KiwiSaver provider?

and more...

KiwiSaver withdrawals and early access

When can I withdraw money from my KiwiSaver account?
What happens to my KiwiSaver funds when I die or if my relationship ends? 

and more...

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