Accommodation support

I am getting a benefit but it isn't enough to cover my rent. Who can help?
Can I get the Accommodation Supplement if I’m working?

and more...

Benefit advocacy

How do I get a decision reviewed if I disagree with my benefit assessment?
I have had problems dealing with WINZ staff - is there an advocate who can help?
I want my nephew to contact Work and Income on my behalf – how do we go about it?

Community Services Card

What is a Community Services Card?
Who can get a Community Services Card? How do I get one?

and more...

Disability Assistance

What assistance is available to help with costs related to having a disability?
I had an accident and am now off work long-term. What help am I entitled to?

and more...

Family Assistance

Is there financial assistance for someone having a baby?
Is there financial support to help with the costs of child-care while I'm working? 
Is there financial help with the cost of sitting a school exam?

and more...

General benefit information

How do I  find out whether I can get any benefits or subsidies?
How do I apply for a Work and Income benefit?
What responsibilities will I have if I receive a Work and Income benefit?

and more...

Income support

Can I receive a benefit if I’m unemployed?
Is there any income support for people under 18 years old?
Am I entitled to any benefits as a single parent?

and more...

Other financial assistance

I'm a beneficiary. Can I claim child-care costs?
Can I get help if I can’t afford to buy food for my family?

and more...

Pensions and discounts for seniors

Who can get superannuation?
What is a SuperGold Card and how do I get one?

and more...

Student income

Who can get a student allowance?
I am getting a loan for living costs and for tuition. Can I borrow extra to buy my textbooks?
and more...
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