Other social housing 

I’m not eligible for government subsidised social housing. What are my options?

If you are not eligible for housing with Income-Related Rent, which is the government-subsidised social housing scheme, you may still be able to apply for other types of social housing.

Many local councils provide subsidised rental accommodation for eligible people e.g. on low incomes or with special housing needs. Availability and eligibility criteria vary depending on the council, so it’s best to contact your local council for information.

Apart from the community organisations which provide housing under the government-subsidised social housing scheme, a number of other community organisations outside of this scheme also provide affordable housing to people with low incomes or disabilities. 

You’ll find some of them are listed on the following websites: 

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you find a social housing provider in your area. It’s also worth checking whether you can get any other housing support - you can find out more about this from the Ministry of Social Development.

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Is there social housing for people with disabilities or people with mental health issues?

Many of the social housing providers described above have specialised housing for people with disabilities or people with mental health issues. Other providers have housing specifically for senior citizens or youth.

You can search the websites listed above or contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau may for help with looking for social housing that meets your needs.