Residential tenancy 

Boarding house tenancies

Which boarding situations are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act?
What rights and obligations do I have as a boarding house tenant under the Residential Tenancies Act?
What rights and obligations do I have as a boarding house landlord?
and more...

Earthquake damage and tenancy

What does it mean if the building I live in has been “yellow stickered”?
The building I live in has been assessed as being earthquake prone – do I have the right to break my lease?
How do I get to see an engineer’s earthquake assessment on the building I live in?

Ending a tenancy

How much notice does my landlord have to give if they want me to move out?
How can a fixed term tenancy be ended early?
What do I need to do when my tenancy ends?

and more...

General tenancy information

What is a tenant and how are they different from flatmates and boarders?
What’s the difference between periodic tenancy, fixed term tenancy, service tenancy and boarding house tenancy?

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Other renting costs

Can I be charged any other costs in addition to bond and rent?
Can real estate agents charge a letting fee?

and more...

Paying rent

How much rent in advance is a landlord allowed to ask for at the beginning of a tenancy?
How often can my landlord increase the rent?
What can I do if I think the landlord is charging too much rent?

and more...

Property inspections

Should I do a property inspection report before signing a tenancy agreement?
My landlord says he only has time for a 10 minute property inspection. What are my rights?

and more...

Rights and obligations on tenants and landlords

What are my rights as a tenant?

What are my obligations and responsibilities as a tenant?
What are the insulation requirements for private rental homes?

and more...

Tenancy Tribunal

What does the Tenancy Tribunal do?
Is going to the Tenancy Tribunal the only way to resolve a dispute between me and my landlord?
How do I apply to the Tenancy Tribunal?

and more...

Tenants and landlord issues

What is the best way to resolve a dispute with my landlord?
What can I do if I'm having difficulty in getting my landlord to deal with problems...?
Our landlord lives next door and keeps popping over...What are our rights?

and more...

The bond

What is a bond?

What happens to the bond at the beginning of the tenancy?

and more...

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