Flatting & Boarding 

Starting or joining a flat

Find out what you need to know about flatting including your rights and responsibilities as a flatmate, and how this depends on whether your name is on the tenancy agreement.
Flatting issues

Find out how to get rid of the flatmate from hell, and what you can and can’t do when they’ve gone.

Leaving a flat

How you get your bond back depends on whether your name is on the tenancy agreement, what it says on the flatmate agreement, and what state you left the house in…
Private Board

Your rights and obligations when you live in a private boarding situation are not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, so a boarding agreement will be useful .

You can download a copy of our Flatting brochure here.

You might also find our section on residential tenancy useful - it has information about:
  • Starting a tenancy
  • Dealing with the bond
  • Problems with your landlord (or tenant)
  • Going to the tenancy tribunal
  • Living in a boarding house 
  • and much more….
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