Rights of the individual 

Changing your name 

How old do I have to be before I can change my name?
How do I change my name?
Can I change my child's name?

and more...

Discrimination and the Human Rights Act 

What is discrimination?
How does the Human Rights Act apply?
What can I do if I’ve been discriminated against?

and more...

Identity theft

Why is it so important to be careful with your personal information?
How can someone steal my personal information?
What should I do if I think I’m a victim of identity theft?

and more...  

Legal ages and ID

What are legal ages for things like drinking and getting married?
Is there a legal age for getting a tattoo?

and more...

Police and powers to search

When can the Police search me?
Do the Police have the power to search me without a warrant?
When can the Police enter my home?

and more...

Police and young people  

What are my rights as a young person being questioned by the Police? 
Can the Police arrest me if I am under 17 years of age?
What are my rights as a young person if I am arrested?

and more...

Police and your rights

Do I have to answer questions asked by the Police?
Can I ask to see a Police officer’s ID?
When do I have to go with the Police?

and more...  

Police detention and your property

When I got arrested the Police took some of my gear. What will happen to it?
Are there circumstances where the Police will not give my property back?
The Police have kept some of my property as evidence. How long can they keep it for?

and more...

Powers of Attorney 

What is a power of attorney?
What are the two types of enduring power of attorneys?

and more...

Your civil and political rights

What are our civil and political rights and how are they protected in New Zealand?
What are my rights under the Bill of Rights Act?
What are my options if I believe my rights under the Bill of Rights Act have been breached? 







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