Law enforcement  

Customs & Biosecurity 

I’m going to the Pacific Islands – can I bring food back?
What happens if I don’t declare goods on the passenger arrival card?
Do I have to pay customs duty on goods bought online from an overseas seller?

and more...


It’s my first criminal offence – will I have to go to prison?
How do I go about applying for diversion?
How likely am I to be offered diversion?

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Firearms & Liquor licences  

Do I need a firearms licence if I just want to learn how to shoot?
When is a liquor licence required and how do I apply for one?

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What is the Ombudsman and what do they do?
What kind of complaints won’t the Ombudsman investigate?

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Police surveillance

What kinds of surveillance can the Police do without a warrant? 
For what kinds of surveillance do the Police need a warrant?

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What do I need to do if I want to visit someone in prison?
When can the prison deny approval for me to visit someone in prison?
My partner is in prison and there’s a protection order in place... Can the kids and I still visit?

and more...

Restorative Justice

What is restorative justice?
When is restorative justice available?
Who ensures that the offender will do what they agreed to in the restorative justice conference?


What can a store do if they suspect me of shoplifting?
What will the Police do if I’ve been caught shoplifting?

and more...

Traffic Offences

What happens when someone is killed as a result of a car accident?
How do demerit points work? 
Why was my vehicle impounded?

and more...


What can I do if someone comes on to my property and I want them to leave?
What can I do to discourage the person from coming back?

and more... 

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