Traffic Offences & Summonses 

I’m being charged with careless driving and the police say diversion is likely. What happens now?

It’s up to a Police Prosecution Service (PPS) to decide whether you can get diversion or not. Information about diversions is available on our diversion page.

I was ticketed for having an unwarranted car and my appeal was refused. What are my options?

If your appeal was refused it means your explanation for not having a warrant was not accepted and you will have to pay the infringement fee. Information about how to pay your infringement fee is on the NZ Police website.

I’ve been issued with a traffic infringement notice (“ticket”), can I challenge it in Court?

Yes, you generally can challenge a ticket in Court but if you don’t have a good reason for doing so you are unlikely to win and it may be very expensive.  A lawyer can advise you whether in the circumstances you have a good chance of succeeding with your challenge. 

You can write to the Police in the first instance explaining the situation – they may waive the ticket.
Send your letter to:

NZ Police
PO Box 9147

or complete and email this form on the NZ Police website.

If you end up deciding to request a Court hearing about your infringement ticket, send a letter to the Police Infringement Bureau at:

NZ Police
PO Box 6641
Wellington 6141. 

In your letter you will need to provide the following information:

  • that you are requesting a court hearing,
  • your notice number,
  • your full name,
  • your residential address, and
  • your drivers licence number.

I received a ticket for a driving offence. It was not my car and I was not there. I think someone used my name. What can I do?

You can write to, or email, the Police Infringement Bureau to explain the situation and request a waiver of the ticket. 

Send your letter to PO Box  9147, Wellington or go to the Police website and fill out and email the online form.

If you have lost your reminder notice you can call the Police Infringement Bureau on freephone 0800 105 777, or 04 381 0000 from a cellphone (8am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday).