Smoke-free public places 

What is the law on smoking in New Zealand?

Smoking is not allowed in many places: 

  • on public transport; 
  • indoors in bars, restaurants, casinos or clubs;
  • in indoor workplaces;
  • schools and early childhood learning centres and their grounds.

There are also limits on tobacco advertising and sponsorship, and restrictions on the way tobacco products can be sold.

The Ministry of Health’s website has more information on smoke-free legislation.

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Can I complain if someone is smoking in my workplace?

If you think there has been a breach of the smokefree legislation at your workplace, you can make a complaint:

  • you should first make a complaint to your employer;
  • your employer has 20 working days to investigate if there has been a breach of the Act, and to try to resolve the complaint; 
  • the representatives of the employees in the workplace are allowed to and should sit in on any meetings about the complaint; 
  • if 40 working days pass and still no solution has been agreed to, your employer has to send the complaint, in writing, to the Director-General of Health.

To make a complaint about inappropriate smoking in a public place which is not your workplace (or if it is your workplace but you are uncomfortable with complaining to your employer about it) you can contact a smoke-free officer at your local public health service. You can find the nearest officer in your region by looking on the Ministry of Health website