Animal abuse 

I think my neighbours are mistreating their dog. Who can I call to get it checked out?

If you think someone is abusing or neglecting an animal, you can call your local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to have it checked out. Complaints about the welfare of a farm animal should be directed to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 0800 008 333.

You should call the SPCA or MPI if you think someone has:

  • Failed to provide an animal with adequate food, water and shelter
  • Deliberately abused an animal
  • Failed to seek necessary veterinary advice for a sick animal

The Animal Welfare Act details what a person’s legal obligations are when dealing with animals (whether they are pets, working animals or agricultural livestock). You can read the Ministry of Primary Industry’s Animal Welfare - Codes of Welfare on their website.

What can I do to help make battery farming illegal?

You could get involved in one of the organisations which aim to increase awareness of farming practises which they believe to be inhumane, and to put pressure on the government to change legislation relating to animal welfare.

These include: 

If you’re concerned about the use of animal testing, you might want to get involved with the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society, which opposes testing on animals.

You can also take action as an individual, for example by:

  • only buying animal products which have been produced humanely (one way to tell is by looking for the RSPCA Blue Tick to indicate it was produced according to animal welfare standards set by the RSPCA)
  • writing to your Member of Parliament about your concerns
  • talking about it to people, to raise their awareness of the issue.