Administering an estate

What is the process for administering an estate?
What is probate? What are letters of administration?
Is it always necessary to apply for probate or letters of administration before the estate can be distributed?

and more...

Bereavement and grief

Who can help me deal with the death of a loved one?
What services are available to help me cope with my miscarriage?

and more...

Body and Organ Donation

How do I become an organ donor?
Can I overrule my child’s decision to donate their organs?

and more...

Death: general Information

How can I ensure that when I die, my family knows where everything is and who to contact?  
What are some of the things that need to be done after a family member dies?

and more...

Funerals and Registration of Death

What might I have to think about when planning a funeral?
What are some of the normal costs of a funeral?
What are the legal requirements for a burial or cremation?

and more...

Graves and Memorials

What restrictions are there on where a person can be buried?
What are the alternatives to a standard burial?

and more...

Investigating the cause of death

When must a death be reported to the Coroner?

What is an autopsy?

and more...

Writing a will

How can I ensure that my property will be passed on to the right people after my death?

Who can draw up a will for me?
What happens to my will if I get married or divorced?

and more...

Wills - after death

I think I’m a beneficiary of a will – am I entitled to see the will?

My mother has died, and her will is missing! Where can I find it?
In what circumstances can a will be challenged?

and more...

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