Adoption and Fostering

What will I need to do if I want to adopt a child?
What’s involved in fostering a child?

and more...

Care of children disputes - first steps to resolution

We can’t agree who our kids should live with. Where do we start?
Can I get free legal advice to help me with our dispute over the care of the children?
What happens in the Parenting Through Separation programme and do we have to do it?

and more...

Care of children disputes - mediation

What is Family Dispute Resolution and when is it necessary?
What will happen if one of us is willing to go to mediation through FDR but the other isn't interested?
How do I find an FDR mediator?

and more...

Care of children disputes - going to court

When is it necessary to go to court to over the care of our children?
What happens once we get to court?
Can I get help with filing my court application? 

and more...

Child, Youth and Family

What is Child, Youth and Family?
What happens if someone notifies Child, Youth and Family with allegations that I’m not looking after my child properly?
What are my rights when I am under investigation by Child Youth and Family?

and more...


What are the responsibilities of a guardian?
How do I make my new partner a guardian of my child?

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How old does my child have to be before I can leave him alone at home?
I am taking my daughter and some of her friends away on a trip and I will be the only adult in the group. I intend to keep everyone safe and happy, but how can I prepare myself to deal with bad behaviour?

and more...

Parenting after separation

What does the term "day-to-day care" mean and how is it arranged?
What happens if we can't agree on our child's day-to-day care?

and more...


What is paternity?

What can I do if my child's father refuses to have his name on the birth certificate?
What is a paternity order?

and more...

Registration of birth

How long can I wait after having a child, before I have to register the birth?

My brother wants to name his child a name I think is really foolish. Isn't there a law that prevents people from giving their children silly names?
Can I give my child their father’s surname even if he refuses to acknowledge the child?

Your rights under CYF care

As a young person in a Child, Youth and Family residence, how do I make a complaint about the care I’m receiving?
What are my rights as a child in CYF care?
How do I report abuse or neglect by a Child, Youth and Family-appointed caregiver?

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