Nuisance calls and emails 

How can I stop nuisance phone calls?

If you receive a nuisance phone call, it’s best to hang up immediately - don’t react or answer them back. If the call involves a threat then you should talk to the Police immediately, otherwise you can talk to your telecommunications provider.

If you think the same person is calling you over and over again then you can ask your service provider to trace the caller. You may be asked for the times and dates of a number of calls before the service provider will take action, so if you are getting repeated nuisance calls make sure you log these details.

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We keep getting phone calls from marketing people. Can I block their calls?

You can register on the ‘Do not call’ register. This register is run by the New Zealand Marketing Association and will help in reducing the number of unsolicited phone calls you receive. It may not completely block all of these calls, but you should see an improvement within a month. This service is free to consumers. You can register online.  

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I keep getting spam sent to my mobile phone, what can I do?

The Department of Internal Affairs has a service where you can complain about txt spam. All you need to do is forward one of the offending messages to SPAM (7726). You will receive a text message back with a link where you can fill in more details about your complaint.

If you are getting abusive or offensive text messages you can find out what to do on our page about bullying. More about dealing with spam is below.

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I am getting a lot of spam emails. Who can help me?

The Department of Internal Affairs’ Electronic Messaging Compliance team can investigate complaints about spam.

Electronic messages (such as those sent by txt, fax and email) are considered spam if they are unsolicited and have a commercial intent i.e. txts and emails promoting goods or services or asking you to go to a website or other place to buy goods or services.

Businesses are not allowed to send spam emails within New Zealand.  Commercial emails should only be sent to you if you have given your consent. They should also include an easy way to unsubscribe from the messages, as well as accurate details about the sender so you can contact them.

You can make a complaint about spam emails, or commercial emails which don’t comply with the above requirements, The Department of Internal Affairs has information about reporting email spam, txt spam and fax spam.
If you are worried that the messages being sent to you are scams, find out how to protect yourself by reading our Identity theft page.

If the spam emails are being sent to you from overseas then your best option is to make full use of the spam filters on your email software. More information about this is on the Department of Internal Affairs website. Your telecommunications provider may also have advice about this on their website.