Sending mail 

What is the easiest way to find out my postcode?

You can look up your postcode, or that for any other address, by using New Zealand Post’s Address and Postcode Finder. Just type in your address and it will search for your postcode.

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What is community post? How can I get it?

Community Post is a sponsorship programme designed to support communities throughout the country. New Zealand Post donates postage-included envelopes to local non-profit organisations to use in fundraising, communications and other projects in their local area. 

To find out more about Community Post and to apply (or register your interest, if applications are not yet open), visit the NZ Post website or call 0800 501 501. Applications are open between 1 August and 31 August each year. 

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I am moving from the city to a rural address. What do I need to know about sending mail?

You’ll need to apply for Rural Delivery Service at your local PostShop. They will tell you what your new postal address is for receiving mail.

To send mail, you can get your mail picked up from your mailbox by a Rural Post driver. The mail items will need to have the correct postage stamps fixed to them, and you need to raise the flag on your mailbox to show that there is mail waiting to be picked up.

There are specific requirements about the size and design of your mailbox that you will need to fulfil. These, and more information about rural delivery, are on the NZ Post website.

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What kinds of things should I not put in the mail?

There are a number of items that you can’t send by mail or courier, including:

  • electronic items containing batteries (the batteries need to be packaged separately from the appliance)
  • aerosols such as in deodorants and hair sprays
  • magnets
  • nail polish

Some items can be mailed or couriered only if they are packaged in a specific way. You can check the full list on the NZ Post website.

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How can I be sure that something I sent by mail has actually been delivered?

If you have something to send and want to be sure that your mail has been delivered, your best option is to use a mail service that assigns a tracking number to your mail item and requires the receiver (or at least someone at the delivery address) to sign when they receive it. A tracking number allows you to check whether the mail item has been picked up for delivery, is in the mail service provider’s depot, or has arrived at the delivery address. This might be a good option if you are sending something valuable.

If you send mail without a tracing number (e.g. through NZ Post’s standard post service), it may be difficult to find out where it is if it was not delivered.

NZ Post recommends that you include a return address on any mail you send, in case it can’t be delivered e.g. due to an incomplete delivery address or insufficient postage.

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What can I do if something I sent was never delivered?

If you sent the item through a courier service, contact the courier company – you’ll need to give them the tracking number to help them investigate the matter.

If you sent the item through New Zealand Post but without a tracking number, you can either: 

  • contact NZ Post by calling 0800 501 501 or
  • complete an online form. NZ Post will use the information provided to investigate the matter. 

You’ll need to tell them as much as you can about the item, including when and where it was posted.

This process applies if an item that you sent through NZ Post:

  • is missing
  • was delivered late
  • was received with missing contents or
  • was received damaged

Items that cannot be delivered ,and cannot be returned to the sender (e.g. due to lack of a return address), are held at NZ Post’s Returned Letters Office for three months. You can contact NZ Post on 0800 501 501 if you suspect your missing mail is at the Returned Letters Office.

Generally it is the sender who needs to report an issue with mail delivery.

Note that if you bought goods from a trader and the trader arranged for delivery, then the trader is responsible for ensuring that the goods arrive in good condition and within the agreed time frame – more about this is on our Receiving mail page.
Information about whether compensation is due for items lost in the mail (and how much) is on the NZ Post website.

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