Getting goods fixed

I bought a computer online and it is not working. What are my rights?
How long should an appliance be expected to last?

and more...

Goods that cause damage

I had a heatpump installed three years ago. It has never heated my room properly, and has caused dark staining on the walls and ceiling. It has a five-year warranty. Neither the manufacturer nor the retailer will take responsibility for fixing it.
I bought a toaster that was faulty and caused damage to my kitchen wall. What can I do?

Problems after the sale

I recently bought a second-hand car at auction and am having problems with it. What can I do?

I had my TV replaced on warranty after it broke down. Do I get a new warranty with my replacement TV?

and more...

Problems with online and mail order

I ordered a book by mail order a few weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived yet. Am I entitled to cancel my order?
I didn’t receive the goods I bought from an online retailer. What can I do?
I bought a video camera online and it was sent to me from overseas. Customs are charging me import duty and GST. What are my rights?

Returning goods

When can I return goods?
When don’t I have the right to return goods?

and more... 

Unsafe goods

What are Product Safety Standards?
I want to make sure a child’s cot is safe before I buy it. What should I do?

and more...

Unsolicited goods

I have been sent some goods that I did not order. Do I have to pay for them?
Somebody ordered some goods on my behalf, but I didn’t give them permission to. What are my rights?

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