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Is your Power Bill giving you a fright?

Paying your power bill can be difficult, particularly over the winter months. If you’re finding the price of power hard to handle, we can help you:

  • Check that you’re getting the cheapest price available to you.
  • Check whether you can get any discounts. For example, prompt payment discounts, paying by direct debit, or managing your bill online.
  • Talk to your power company about whether there are better ways of paying, such as regular monthly payments across the whole year (these are called ‘level’ or ‘smooth’ payments).
  • With tips about saving power, including subsidies that may be available to insulate your home.
  • Find out about other help e.g. support from Work and Income, curtain banks etc.


How do I make a complaint about my power company?
Can I claim for the cost of damage or loss resulting from a power outage?

Electrical Work

I need an electrician. What should I know before I hire one?
How do I make a complaint about work done by an electrician?
Can I do the electrical work on my own house?

Electricity bills and medically dependent consumers

What is a medically dependent consumer?
What difference will it make if I tell my power company I’m a medically dependent consumer?

and more...

Electricity bills and vulnerable consumers

I struggle to pay my power bills - does this make me a vulnerable consumer?
What difference will it make if I tell my power company I’m a vulnerable consumer?

and more...

Electricity Costs

Can I save money on my power bills by switching to another provider?
Does it cost anything to change power companies?
and more...

Powerlines and Trees

A large tree I planted several years ago is getting close to the overhead power lines in front of my house. Who is responsible?
I want to plant a tree in my front yard but am not sure if there are underground power cables there. What is the best way to check? 

and more...

Smart meters

My electricity provider is planning to replace the meter at my house with a smart meter. Do I have any choice in the matter?
Will I have to pay for the installation of a smart meter?
If I have a smart meter installed will that guarantee that my power bills will accurately affect my usage?

and more...

Understanding your power bill

I can't make sense of my power bill. Help!

and more...

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