Complaints about electricity and gas providers 

How do I make a complaint about my power company?

If you have a complaint about an electricity or gas company, you should contact the company directly. If you are a customer of the company you are complaining about, check your bill for a free phone number or e-mail address for complaints. Be sure to use the word 'complaint' so that it's clear that you are beginning a complaints process. 

If the company does not resolve your complaint, you can contact Utilities Disputes. Utilities Disputes is a free and independent service for resolving complaints about energy companies. It can look into almost any complaint about an electricity or gas provider that is a member.

Companies usually have 20 working days to work with you to resolve the complaint but you can call Utilities Disputes at any time for information. In some situations they can begin to investigate a complaint before 20 working days have passed. You can read about the complaints process on their website.

You can make a complaint to Utilities Disputes online or you can phone, fax, email or write to them (see contact details below). You'll need to do this within two months from the end of the 20 working days. 

 Freephone: 0800 22 33 40
 Freefax:  0800 22 33 47
 Mail:  FreePost 192682, 
Utilities Disputes , 
PO Box 5875, 
Lambton Quay, 
Wellington 6145

If your electricity or gas provider is not a member of the scheme you may want to make a claim at the Disputes Tribunal or the District Court. You can also try them if you are not satisfied with the outcome of Utilities Disputes' investigation of your complaint. 

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The food in my fridge spoiled because of a power outage that lasted for hours. Can I claim for the cost of replacing the food?

You may be able to claim compensation if any of your property was damaged: 

  • following an outage, voltage fluctuation or other supply problem or
  • following the actions of power company staff while they were inspecting or repairing their equipment on your land