Other Services 

As well as providing our core service of information, advice and support many CABs provide a range of other services to meet community demand. Check your local CAB's information for specific information about what’s on offer in your area.  

Some of the specialist services local CABs offer might include:

JP Services
A JP can witness documents such as applications for citizenship, and they can take declarations, affidavits or affirmations.  If you need a ‘certified copy’ of a document then a JP can help you.  Most of our CABs have volunteers who are JPs and most CABs offer a ‘JP Clinic’.  

Legal services
Most CABs work with local lawyers to provide limited free legal advice on a regular basis.  

Budgeting services
Most CABs have a close working relationship with budgeting services in their community. They can help you access the budgeting help and support you need.

Emergency food assistance
Most CABs have close relationships with their local food bank, or emergency food parcel provider and can help you to access the provider in your community.  

Consumer services
Some CABs provide specialist advice in relation to consumer issues, for example cancelling contracts, buying and selling cars and other products and services, loans, being a guarantor, scams and misrepresentation.  

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