General Information and Advice 

Access information and advice
You can contact us to access our service in a number of different ways:  

  • Come in and see us at one of over 85 locations         
  • Phone one of our bureaux directly or call free on 0800 FOR CAB (0800 367 222) to be put through to someone who can help you.         
  • Send an email to one of our bureaux. The more detail you can give us the better we can help you.         
  • Get advice live online with our 'Virtual bureau'         
  • Browse or Search our Service Provider database and Topic and Legal Information on this website
  • Use our language service CAB Language Link, to get help in 26 different languages
  • Send a fax or letter to one of our bureaux.  

What we do

When you contact a CAB you will receive a free and confidential service of information, advice and support. We aim to enable you to deal with your own problems. In summary, we listen, we thoroughly research options and we explain the information in a way that you can use it. If it’s appropriate, we act on your behalf.  

In detail, we:

  • Secure language assistance if you need it
  • Can help you identify the problems you require assistance with
  • Research what information will be of most use to you and locate this information for you         
  • Work through the information with you, helping you to make sense of it         
  • Help you to identify the outcome you want         
  • Help you to understand the options you have for achieving the desired outcome         
  • Assist you to understand the implications of any options available and to choose the option that will produce the best outcome for you         
  • Assist you to achieve the best outcome, for example through helping you write a letter         
  • Depending on your needs, and with your permission, act on your behalf with third parties to help achieve the outcome you want  

We help you regardless of your:         

  • Question, issue or problem
  • Demographic profile (age, gender, ethnicity etc)         
  • Geographic location         
  • Mobility         
  • Language         
  • Literacy         
  • Income

    We are not experts in any particular subject but we are experts in finding and using information.  

    We also work to strengthen our communities by identifying and raising issues at a local level and nationally. We use our experience with clients to advocate for socially just policies and services in Aotearoa New Zealand. We do this in two ways:  

    • Through participation in Government policy processes, the submissions process, lobbying and media activity
    • Based on our experience of working with clients, supported by statistics, case-studies, and anecdotal information from bureaux, branches and specialist services  

    The person-to-person service provided by bureaux volunteers is unique in New Zealand, as is our ability to provide a national snapshot of community concerns and issues.  

    Who provides the CAB service?
    Our service is provided by trained volunteers from over 85 locations around New Zealand, from the mid north to the deep south. Our Bureau Interviewers are extensively trained to use our comprehensive national database, their local networks, and experience and skills to respond to just about any request for information and advice.  

    • Search the CAB Community Directory.
    • Call CAB: 0800 367 222.
    • Free help for Migrants
    • Become a CAB volunteer
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