We are looking for new volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds. If you are interested please contact the coordinator at Whangarei@cab.org.nz. We particularly want people who are comfortable with searching for information on the internet, work well in a team, and are committed to the CABNZ aims (ie, that people  should not suffer because of any inability to articulate their issues, and that social policy needs to be responsive to the needs of people). Here’s a recent call out for new volunteers…

CAB wants super-sleuths with online and real time attitude

Citizens Advice Bureau Whangarei is looking for new volunteer interviewers with the savvy to find the answers to any imaginable question.

They don’t need people who know it all, just people who know how to find it all.

Co-ordinator Moea Armstrong says the voluntary role is becoming increasingly demanding as clients arrive with complex and interlinked issues. Untangling these one by one and moving people on is a valuable addition to the social service network in Whangarei.

“We were known as just a referral agency, but we can do a lot more these days. We would love to hear from people willing to support people with appointments at other agencies if needed."

“We want super-sleuths who can interpret government websites to get the answers, to find out all that might be possible for our clients to benefit from, and then assist them to get prompt action on their issue.”

The subject of enquiries range from consumer rights through to housing, relationship problems, immigration, employment rights and beneficiary assistance, as well as contacts for other organisations.

Volunteers commit to a half day each week to help people in person and over the phone. There is also an online real-time chat service, and volunteers also host the free legal advice clinics held at the bureau each fortnight.

Whangarei Mayor Sheryl Mai, right, with newly trained volunteer Sheryl at our Annual General Meeting.

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