Migrant Information Sessions 

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand you probably have lots of questions about how things work. We run regular information sessions aimed at new migrants in our area, all migrants are welcome!

You can also call or come into the bureau if you want any information or assistance. You can also find more information for migrants elsewhere on our website.

Information Sessions

CAB Rotorua will hold a free information session for newcomers on The Treaty of Waitangi in your Workplace.

In conjunction with the Rotorua Multicultural Council we are pleased to offer this workshop for new migrants on the Treaty of Waitangi and how it is applied practically in workplaces in New Zealand.

Presenter: Tania Te Whenua of Te Whenua Consulting

Date:   Tuesday, 10 October, 2017
Time:   6pm to 8pm    
Venue: Teal Kitchen, 1213 Hinemoa Street, Rotorua

Refreshments will be served

Register by contacting Jane on 07 348 3936 or rotorua@cab.org.nz by Friday 6 October 2017

Previous Information Sessions
Your Rights as a Residential Tenant - 13 September, 2017
This information session covered:

  • Tenancy agreements
  • Bonds
  • Giving notice
  • Problems with your landlord

Navigating The New Zealand Health System - 21 June, 2017
This information session covered:

  • how to enrol with a GP, midwife or dentist
  • obtaining prescription medications
  • what to do in a medical emergency
  • going to hospital
  • finding health support groups

Know Your Employment Rights - 20 March, 2017
This information session covered:

  • what should be in your employment contract
  • your basic employment rights
  • what to do if you have problems at work

Driving in New Zealand - 17 August 2016
This session covered:

  • safe speeds
  • driving on the open road
  • young drivers
  • impaired drivers
  • distracted and fatigued drivers
  • restraints
  • Personal safety on the road

Fire!! Keeping Safe in the Home -  29 June 2016
This session covered:

  • find out how to keep fire safe in your Kiwi home
  • hear about using smoke detectors
  • watch a demonstration of a kitchen fire
  • hear about making contact with 111
  • and more.

Be Prepared for an Emergency - 10 May 2016
This session covered:

  • What is civil defence and what do they do? 
  • Know your local hazards
  • How to plan for and prepare for a disaster?

Keeping Safe around Water - an introduction to being safe while having fun in the water.
13 February 2016

An Introduction to the NZ Health System
9 November 2015
Topics included:
- how to find a GP
- how to get a midwife
- screening programmes
- immunisation
- health entitlements
- where to find information on health issues

Basic Employment Rights
16 September 2015
Topics will included:
- Essential clauses for an employment contract
- Steps to resolve the problems at work

Free Tax Seminar
29 June 2015
The seminar covered:
-  income Tax
-  student Loans
-  Kiwi saver
-  Working for Families tax credit
-  child support

Getting started on your job search in New Zealand
29th April 2015
Topics included:
 -    Networking and finding NZ referees
 -    CV's and covering letter basics for New Zealand employers
 -    Getting started on LinkedIn

Thinking of buying a used car?
23 February 2015

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