Services we offer 


Volunteers working together to provide information for our clients

Citizens Advice Bureau Petone provides free and confidential advice and information on a variety of issues and situations including, but not limited to:
Consumer issues: If you have a question about poor service, faulty goods, internet and Trade Me purchases, and motor vehicle purchases, we can help advise you of your rights and responsibilities, whether you are the customer or the retailer.

Housing issues: Problems with a landlord of tenant?  Not sure how to navigate the house buying process?  We can advise you of your rights and responsibilities.

Neighbourhood Problems: Do you have noisy neighbours?  Are trees or fences causing tension?  Are dogs a nuisance?  We can provide information and advice to help you work through these issues.

Other services we offer:

Legal clinic: 
We provide a legal clinic on a fortnight basis. We can book you a free, 20 minute appointment, with a lawyer to discuss any legal issues you may have. Bring any documents relating to the matter to your appointment.

Justice of the Peace: We can book an appointment with a Justice of the Peace on the following days/times:

  •  Monday at 10.30am
  • Tuesday at 11am
  • Wednesday at 10.30am
  • Thursday at 3pm
  • Friday at 10.00am  

Budget Service: We can book you appointments with Petone Budget Service    


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