Migrant Information Sessions 

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand you probably have lots of questions about how things work. We run regular information sessions aimed at new migrants in our area, all migrants are welcome!

You can also call or come into the bureau if you want any information or assistance. You can also find more information for migrants elsewhere on our website.

Information Sessions

CAB Manurewa will hold a free information session for newcomers on Employment Opportunities

Please come and join to find about:

  • Understanding what Employers are looking for from job applicants.
  • How do I qualify for full-time Employment?

Date:   Saturday, 2 September, 2017
Time:   10 am to 2 pm
Venue:  Manurewa Library Community Room, 7 Hill Road, Manurewa

Registration and light refreshments will be at 10am. The session will promptly start at 10.30am and finish at 1.30pm followed by light lunch.

For more information please call at Patricia Pera at 021 133 2014 or Armmajit Kaur at 021 142 1855 or Email at settlement.manurewa@cab.org.nz

Previous Information Sessions

Understanding Healthcare Services - 10 June 2017
This session covered:

  • Enrolling with a GP
  • Eligibility for Services

Knowing your Money and Taxes - Saturday, 13 May, 2017

This session covered

  • budgeting today
  • understanding the New Zealand tax system

The Education System in New Zealand - 25 February, 2017
This session covered:

  • the New Zealand education system
  • choosing the right school for your family
  • understanding the obligation to study

Housing - 12 November 2016
This workshop covered:

  • Renting
  • Your Rights
  • Your Responsibilities

Employment - 3 September 2016
This workshop covered:

  • finding work
  • knowing your employment rights
  • developing your CV

Consumer Rights - 14 May 2016
This workshop covered:

  • Understanding the Consumer Law
  • Understanding Contracts
  • Knowing what Goods and Services are
  • Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities

Safer Communities - 12 March 2016
This workshop covered:

  • Living in a Safe Community
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Neighbourhood Support
  • how the CAB can help you

New Zealand Employment -  7th November 2015
This workshops covers the following topic areas:

  1. Understanding the New Zealand business environment when job searching
    • New Zealand business environment
    • What an employer looks for and why
    • How to prepare yourself when searching for a job
  2. Newcomers sharing their story
    • New Zealand Now Website: three videos of new migrants sharing their 1- 2 years settlement experienced  arriving into New Zealand
    • Four community leaders from the Indian, Arabic and Chinese communities will share their story
    • Open Discussion: new migrants/refugees welcome to share their story
  3. Careers NZ
    • Job hunting tips
    • CVs & cover letter
    • Preparing for an interview

Settlement Support workshop - 18 June 2015
This workshops covered the following topic areas:

  1. New Zealand Education System
    • New Zealand's three levels of Education system: a) Early childhood education, b)Secondary schooling and c) Tertiary education
    • Crucial information on transferring overseas qualification to New Zealand standards
    • Support for non-English speakers – CAB Language Link , ESOL
  2. New Zealand Health System
    • How the New Zealand Health System works and crucial information about First Aid, Visiting a GP and your rights
  3. Driving License 
    • Information on converting overseas full licence to meet New Zealand’s requirements for full licence
    • The process and requirements for learner and restricted licence

Business workshop for migrants
20 February 2015


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