Migrants Information Sessions 

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand you probably have lots of questions about how things work. We run regular information sessions aimed at new migrants in our area, all migrants are welcome!

You can also call or come into the bureau if you want any information or assistance. You can also find more information for migrants elsewhere on our website.
Information Sessions

CAB Dunedin will hold a free session to ensure that you are aware of your minimum employment rights when working in New Zealand.

After this session you will know the answers to these questions:

  • What are the minimum employment rights in New Zealand?
  • What can I do if I am not treated fairly?
  • Where can I go for help or support? 

Date:    Thursday 28 February 2019
Time:    6.30 pm to 8 pm
Venue: Dunedin Community House,
            Alexander McMillan Room (upstairs),
            301 Moray Place, Dunedin

Light refreshments will be provided.
To confirm : Please phone  03 471 6166 or email dunedin@cab.org.nz by Tuesday 26 February 2019.

Previous Information Sessions
Buying a Car - 30 August 2018
This session covered:

  • Buying a car: things to be aware of while buying the car;
  • Mechanical checks and licencing - presented by the Automobile Association;
  • How English Language Partners can help you in learning English;
  • Where to get driving lessons. 

Seeking Employment - 19 February 2018
The topics covered:

  • job search skills
  • writing a CV
  • what to expect in an interview in New Zealand

Health and Wellbeing - 9 October 2017
This session covered:

  • the role of Plunket - Speaker: Brigid Jenkinson
  • the role of a GP (doctor) - Speaker: Dr Jim Ross
  • keeping healthy - facilitated by Sport Otago – Getting Active

Know your employment rights - 6 July 2017

Knowing your Rights - 8 May 2017

Settling in Dunedin – Community Support - 20 February 2017
The topics covered were:

  • Civil Defence-Get Ready, Get Thru by Glenn Mitchell
  • Neighbour Support Network by Lois Scott
  • New Zealand Police by Community Constable of NZ Police

Employment in New Zealand - 17 October 2016
The topics covered were:

  • integrating into the New Zealand workplace
  • where to find job openings and how to apply
  • what to expect in an interview in New Zealand
  • starting up a business
  • tax obligations in New Zealand

Settlement Information Seminar - 19 July 2016
This seminar covered:

  • how to get help from Citizens Advice Bureau, by Dianne Lowry
  • immigration law, by Werner Van Harselaar
  • free English courses and the Kiwi workplace, by Paul Naidu of English Language Partners

Settlement Information Seminar - 20 June 2016  
This seminar covered:

  • the history of New Zealand by Sean Brosnahan
  • the services offered by Dunedin Library, facilitated by Debbie Lancaster-Smith, Library Services 
  • rental and tenancy by Mark Steven, Metro Reality
  • Mental Health Services by Lesley Mooney, Senior Charge Nurse Emergency Psychiatric Services

Insurance, mortgages, Kiwisaver and investments, immigration law, workplace rights, driving in New Zealand
2 May 2016

Play Centres, Kindergartens, Child Care, Support for older people 
15 February 2016

English language classes, the NZ Health System and Early Childhood Education
16th September 2015

Volunteering, immigration law, Plunket and ACC
22nd June 2015

How to write C.Vs, Know your Employment Rights, Neighbourhood Support, and Community Policing.
4th May 2015

Consumer Law, Consumer Rights, and Banking.
23rd February 2015

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