Migrant information sessions 

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand you probably have lots of questions about how things work. We run regular information sessions aimed at new migrants in our area, all migrants are welcome!

You can also call or come into the bureau if you want any information or assistance. You can also find more information for migrants elsewhere on our website.

Migrant Information Sessions

Free: The New Migrants Find-a-Job Course

Citizens Advice Bureau Central Auckland branch is very pleased to announce an intensive support for newcomers looking for a job.

This course will help the participants:

  • To understand the New Zealand workplace
  • To discover what New Zealand employers are looking for
  • Make important contact and start networking

Courses include:

  • Two group workshops with a professional coach:
    • Build a CV and cover letter
    • Job search, social media and networking
    • Interview preparation
    • Meet other job seekers
    • Build your confidence
  • Two individual coaching sessions:
    • Identify your skills, strengths and experience
    • Identify your barriers and break them down
    • Set your goals, set an action plan
    • Check and review your progress
  • Two follow-up Job Club sessions:
    • Updates and sharing experience
    • Successes and challenges
    • On-going support

Group Workshop: From 10am to 2pm
Wednesday 21 March and 22 March 2018

Group Workshop: From 10am to 2pm
Tuesday 1 May and Wednesday 2nd May 2018

The dates and times for the coaching sessions and Job Clubs are on the registration form.

Whare Wananga, Auckland Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street

For more information see this handy flyer

To register for this free course and to know more about this course, simply call us on 09 302 36 76 or email us on project.cabac@cab.org.nz

Places are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment!

Previous Information Sessions
Employment in New Zealand - 4 November 2016
This session included:

  • tips to apply for a job
  • presenting your skills
  • the Kiwi workplace culture
  • how to network in your new country

Housing in New Zealand - 3 November 2016
This information session covered:

  • how to find safe and suitable accommodation
  • new requirements for rental home insulation
  • information on renting, flatting, tenancy disputes and bonds including bills for water and gas

Introduction to the New Zealand Education System - 25th June 2016
This session included:

  • the different types of schools
  • how to enrol
  • how to support your child and
  • the subjects taught

Employment Rights in New Zealand - 1 April 2016
This workshop covered:

  • How to identify their best pathways for suitable employment in NZ
  • Information on employment relationships, rights and responsibilities

Housing in New Zealand - 26 February 2016
This workshop covered:

  • how to find, keep and enjoy safe and suitable housing in New Zealand
  • renting, flatting, tenancy disputes, bonds
  • the basics of buying property legally.

Education in New Zealand - 19 February 2016
This workshop covered:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • primary and secondary schools
  • adult education
  • navigating the NZ education system
  • education options for the whole family

Housing in New Zealand - 20 November 2015
This workshop covered:

  • renting
  • flatting
  • tenancy dispute
  • bonds and
  • the basics of buying property legally 

Healthcare and Safety in New Zealand - 29 October 2015
This workshop was about - heath care, water, & fire safety in NZ including:

  • doctors 
  • hospital/specialist care
  • health services
  • language support
  • fire safety
  • water safety
  • useful contacts

Employment - 2 October 2015
This workshop covered:

  • The best pathways for suitable employment in New Zealand
  • Employment relationships
  • Employment rights
  • Employment responsibilities, including tax

Free workshop on Immigration
25 May 2015

Life in New Zealand - A workshop for new migrants
8 April 2015

Employment Workshop for New Migrants in New Zealand
25 February 2015

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