Access and security 

Information such as names, addresses and contact phone numbers will only be used to help with your specific enquiry.  They will never be revealed to a third party without your express permission.  We will never sell names and contact details to marketing companies.

Demographic information about gender, age, ethnicity and locality will never be used directly in relation to your enquiry unless they are essential to helping with your enquiry, in which case your permission will be obtained. 

Demographic information is collected to assist with understanding who is using our service (read more).  Reporting of this information will only be done in aggregate form.  This means that any personal information is combined with responses from other people so that no individual can be identified. 

Notes are kept about our enquiries for our records.  When personal information is collected as part of this record it is stored in a different part of our system so it is only available to those who need to deal directly with the enquiry.

Citizen Advice Bureau has put in place various processes to ensure that personal information is only available on a “need to know” basis within the organisation.  It also has established technology security precautions to protect sensitive information being accessed without authority.

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