Our funders 

Citizens Advice Bureau NZ (CABNZ) is grateful to the following funders for the support of our work:

Ministry of Social Development
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Inland Revenue Department
The Department of Internal Affairs
Immigration New Zealand
NZ Lottery Grants Board

Ministry of Social Development


The Ministry of Social Development provides funding to CABNZ, through a Funding for Outcomes Agreement to support the national systems for CABs in order to support the Ministry of Social Development’s outcomes. The national systems provided to CABs by CABNZ include:

  • an information system to support CAB volunteers in providing the CAB service to clients, including a national database of resources and organisations
  • IT support for CABs
  • learning and development
  • Membership Principles, policies and procedures
  • publicity
  • national representation
  • work on social policy issues, based on the collation and analysis of national statistics, client case studies, and anecdotal evidence from CABs 
  • strategic leadership and advice
  • national and regional events
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
The main role of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is to grow New Zealand for all. They do this by helping businesses to become more productive and internationally competitive, and by increasing opportunities for all New Zealanders to contribute to the economy.

Areas covered by MBIE include, Consumer Issues, Housing, Employment and Immigration.

MBIE supports the national systems for CABs provided by CABNZ, through Government's Funding for Outcomes programme.

Inland Revenue Department
The role of Inland Revenue is to collect most of the revenue that government needs to fund its programmes.  Inland Revenue also administers a number of social support programmes.


Inland Revenue supports the national systems for CABs provided by CABNZ

The Department of Internal Affairs
The Department of Internal Affairs is home to a range of services supporting government, communities and citizenship. The Department provides policy advice to its Ministers in the areas of local government, gambling, racing, fire, citizenship, identity and censorship. It also advises a number of other Ministers, including the Minister responsible for the Community and Voluntary Sector, and Associate Ministers as the need arises. The Department monitors the performance of a range of Crown entities and has developed and implemented a Crown entity governance framework.


The Department of Internal Affairs supports the national systems for CABs provided by CABNZ, through Government's Funding for Outcomes programme.

Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand is responsible for bringing people to New Zealand to enhance New Zealand’s social and economic outcomes. They support labour market growth by attracting the best people to New Zealand and supporting them into the workforce so they become long-term contributors.


Immigration New Zealand funds the Language Connect service, which provides the CAB service in over 20 different languages.

Immigration New Zealand also funds the Migrant Connect Service provided by some CABs. This provides a local information service for new migrants about living and working in New Zealand.

NZ Lottery Grants Board
The NZ Lottery Grants Board was set up by Parliament to distribute the proceeds of state lotteries to the New Zealand community. It does this through Lottery Grants and direct payments to three statutory bodies (Creative NZ, Sport and Recreation NZ (SPARC), and the NZ Film Commission).

Lottery grants are available for different types of projects and services. Each stream of funding is managed by a separate committee made up of individuals from the community with specialist skills and knowledge.


The NZ Lottery Grants Board provides funding support to CABNZ for the national systems for CABs provided by CABNZ. The Board also provides some funding directly to each CAB to support their operations. 
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