Are you eligible for financial assistance? 

If you’re struggling financially even when you work hard to live within your means, it’s worth finding out whether you are eligible for assistance from Work and Income.

Work and Income provides many forms of help and financial support depending on your situation, for example:

It can be hard to know what you might be eligible for, especially if you are used to working and paying for your own needs and those of your family. If you are earning below the income threshold, you might be eligible for some forms of assistance even if you are employed.

You can contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009 (or 0800 552 002 if you are aged 65 years or more) or use this online tool to get an idea of what types of assistance you might be able to get.

You can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for help with: 
  • determining what benefits you might be eligible for,
  • understanding what your responsibilities would be as a beneficiary,
  • applying for a benefit, and
  • navigating the review process, if you disagree with a Work and Income decision about your application.
We can also help you find out whether you can claim financial assistance in the form of tax credits from Inland Revenue, or other forms of assistance from other agencies and organisations.

Our service is free, confidential and independent of any government agency.