Working overtime for free? 

Employers must make sure that employees are paid at least the minimum wage for all the time that they work, and this applies to overtime as well as normal hours. If you are required to attend work meetings before the start of your shift, or stay behind after the end of your shift to do handover or cashing up - then you are effectively working overtime.

You should be compensated for the time you spend working, that is outside of the hours specified in your employment agreement - either by being paid for that time or through paid time off in lieu (the latter is more common for employees on salaries).

If you are not being compensated for working overtime, you can try approaching your employer about it. If this doesn’t work, or if you are not comfortable with talking to your employer, you can contact your union representative for help and advice. You can also call the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on 0800 20 90 20. They can give you information and advice, and can refer your case to a labour inspector.