Campaign against sneaky fees 

Have you been hit by sneaky fees recently? These are the additional fees that hide in the fine print, or shout “Surprise!” just as you are about to complete your purchase, and can add significantly to the cost of the goods or services.

For example, if you buy some concert tickets online you could be charged for more than the price of the tickets. You are likely to be charged a booking fee (per ticket) and a fee for pay by credit card fee. You might be charged a further fee for printing the tickets.

While businesses do have to disclose information about their charges, you often have to look pretty hard to find this information – and that’s if you know to look for it.

We don’t think this is good enough.

Consumer New Zealand is campaigning for a law change that would require businesses to disclose the full purchase price upfront. This includes a petition which they will present to the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. You can support them by adding your name to their petition.

In the meantime, read the fine print!