Right to Know Day (28 Sept 2017) 

As New Zealanders we have legal rights regarding information that organisations hold about us, and information held by the government.

The Privacy Act gives us the right to have access to information that organisations hold about ourselves - for example information about our credit history that is held by credit reporting agencies, our medical information that is held by our health providers, our personnel information held by our employers and even our personal details held by the online retailers who sell to us.

The Official Information Act and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act give us another kind of right - the right to access government information. This is the right to ask government agencies (or local councils, or state education institutions) about their activities - for example decisions made, statistics gathered, money earned and spent. Having this right enables us to hold our government to account.

The Privacy Commissioner and the Ombudsman have organised a Right to Know PrivacyLive Forum. It's sold out, but you can listen out for the Radio New Zealand recording of the discussion panel. It's also being live streamed through Periscope.

You don’t have to be in the dark – it’s your right to know.