Important changes to tenancy laws 

Landlords and tenants need to be aware of important changes to residential tenancy law that come into force from 1 July 2016.

From that date, all rental properties (including boarding houses) must have smoke alarms that comply with new regulations and new tenancy agreements must include a statement about the how well the property is insulated.

From 1 July 2016, if you are installing insulation in a rental property it must meet the standard set out in the latest Building Code. You won’t be allowed to install electrically conductive insulation products such as reflective foil products.
In rental properties where  tenants pay an Income Related Rent, the under floor and ceiling insulation in the property must meet the standard set by new regulations from 1 July 2016.

For all other residential rental properties the landlords will have to ensure that their properties meet that insulation standard by 1 July 2019.

For more information see our Rights and obligations of tenants and landlords page.