International Volunteer Managers Day 

November 5 is International Volunteer Managers Day, a day for acknowledging the individuals who lead, support and inspire volunteers all over the world.

Volunteers are the backbone of the CAB and we have over 2,400 of them (in 83 locations around New Zealand). They freely give of their time to help achieve the aims of the CAB to ensure that no-one suffers through lack of knowledge about their rights and entitlements.

In the last year these volunteers spent more than 100,000 hours directly assisting clients, and many more hours doing all the other work involved in keep the CAB running. Supporting all this great work is the tireless effort of our managers and coordinators (both paid and unpaid).

The people who manage our dedicated CAB volunteers spend countless hours recruiting, organising, motivating and developing the skills of our volunteer workforce (they may also have to manage paid staff). Our managers of volunteers play an essential role in ensuring that each CAB functions smoothly and continues to provide a great service to each of the communities we are located in. Who else could do that?

To all of our CAB managers and coordinators we say THANK YOU!