Have your say on the law around the Police and DNA 

The Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Act 1995 gives the Police powers to collect and use DNA in investigating crime, and regulates two DNA databanks which store the DNA information of individuals who have been charged with (or convicted of) certain offences.

A lot has changed in the science of DNA profiling in 22 years, so the government has asked the New Zealand Law Commission to review the Act.

Is the current law still fit for purpose? Is it still consistent with international best practice and public attitudes? Are human rights and Tikanga Māori being appropriately recognised?

The Commission would like to know you what you think.

You can visit this website to: 
  • read the DNA issues paper, in full or just the bit you’re interested in
  • read and think about some possible DNA scenarios, 
  • have your say on ten key questions, and/or 
  • share your own experience. 
The Commission is accepting submissions until 31 March 2019.