MBIE Consumer Protection’s new campaign to power up your consumer knowledge 

Don’t know what your consumer rights are? Consumer Man and Purchase Woman to the rescue!

Meet the consumer heroes, Consumer Man and Purchase Woman. They want to give you tips that you can use to power up your consumer knowledge, and become a confident consumer. They are part of a new campaign from the government’s Consumer Protection team.

You’ll see Consumer Man and Purchase Woman featuring in print and digital ads and on social media with general messages about consumer awareness, as well as advice about specific topics like buying a motor vehicle, understanding the Consumer Guarantees Act and identifying frauds and scams.

You can watch their Faulty Product video.

If you know your rights when buying goods and services, you can be more confident about dealing with any problems that might occur after the sale.

By knowing your consumer rights you can manage tricky situations like :

If you aren’t sure of your rights (or obligations) when goods or services you’ve paid for aren’t quite right, you can always contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for information and advice.

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  • Call CAB: 0800 367 222.
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