CAB New Zealand seeks technology partner 

The CAB is seeking a technology partner to revitalise our national technology platform.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is a non-government organisation that offers a free nationwide service of information and empowerment for everyone.

There are more than 80 CABs throughout New Zealand. Each is their own legal entity but they share a common constitution and commitment to the CAB goals. There are roughly 2,300 volunteers delivering the CAB service via more than 500,000 interactions with clients per year.

Our current national technology solution was implemented in 2010, and the technology products we use are now aging and in their sunset periods.

We have an opportunity to build on what works well in the current system and improve what doesn’t.

Therefore we are searching for a technology partner to help us deliver a new solution from 2018.

Read our Expression of Interest document for more detail.

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