Getting a senior citizen concession on Auckland public transport 

From 1 July 2016, senior citizens wanting to travel for free on the Auckland Transport system must use an AT Hop card that has been loaded with the SuperGold (senior citizen) concession.

This concession entitles you to free transport on a range of public transport services after 9am weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays. (If you travel before 9am you’ll be charged an adult fare – but if you use your AT hop card to pay the fare it will be 20% cheaper than if you pay using cash.)

Who is eligible for the SuperGold concession on Auckland public transport?

You are eligible for the concession if you hold a SuperGold card or an AT Senior Citizen card.

How do I get an AT Hop card then?

If you don’t already have an AT Hop card, you’ll need to buy a gold AT Hop card from an AT Hop retailer for $15 ($10 for the card plus $5 (the minimum amount to load onto the card). You can’t buy a Gold AT Hop card online.

You’ll need to get your AT Hop card registered and apply to have the SuperGold concession loaded onto the card. You can do this: 

You will need some forms of photo ID to accompany the application.

What kinds of photo ID will I need?

If you already have a SuperGold card with your photo on it, this is the only photo ID you'll need to bring.

If your SuperGold Card does not have your photo on it you can: 

  • also use a second photo ID (e.g. passport or drivers licence) when you apply to have the SuperGold concession loaded; or 
  • have your photo added to your SuperGold Card for free - go to an AA Centre with 3 forms of ID (eg birth certificate, household bill, bank or insurance letter, letter from Work and Income,with your details on it) - you should allow 5 -6 weeks for this process (if you haven't received your new SuperGold card after this period of time, call the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65); or 
  • if you have no ID at all, take a recent passport photo of yourself to your local JP and ask them sign the back of it. The JP may require you to make a statutory declaration before they will sign your photo. For this option, you’ll  need to apply for your concession in person, at an AT Customer Service Centre.  

If you don’t have a SuperGold card you might be eligible for an AT Senior Citizen ID card. It costs $7 and you can use it as your photo ID when you apply for the SuperGold concession.

You are eligible for this card if you are: 

  • not eligible for a SuperGold card,
  • aged 65 years or over, 
  • a permanent resident or NZ citizen, and 
  • a permanent resident of Auckland.

To obtain an application form call Auckland Transport on 09 366 6400. If you are using an AT Senior Citizen ID card as your photo ID you’ll need to have a blue AT Hop card rather than a gold one, and apply to have the SuperGold concession loaded onto it.

You can buy a blue AT Hop card online or at an AT Hop retailer.

I already have a blue AT Hop card – do I have to get a gold one now?

If you already have a blue AT Hop card and a SuperGold card (or AT Senior Citizen ID card), all you have to do is take these to an AT Customer Service Centre to get the SuperGold concession loaded onto your blue AT Hop card.

Within around 12 months you'll need to get your blue AT Hop card replaced with a gold AT Hop card – but this shouldn’t cost you anything.

Where can I find more information about this?

More information is on the Auckland Transport website, here and here.