Treaty of Waitangi and Mauri Manaia 

Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand - Ngā Pou Whakawhirinaki o Aotearoa supports the principle of partnership reflected in the Treaty of Waitangi. E tautoko ana Ngā Pou Whakawhirinaki o Aotearoa i te mātāpono o te pātuitanga e ai ki Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We have adopted Mauri Manaia as our kaupapa (set of principles) which forms the foundation of the CAB commitment to:

  • acknowledging Māori as tangata whenua (indigenous people) and te ao Māori (Māori world view) as the indigenous culture of Aotearoa New Zealand;
  • supporting te reo Māori to grow as it is unique to New Zealand and one of our official languages; 
  • understanding about tikanga Māori and practice of this in the CAB.

Mauri Manaia means the life-force or essence of the manaia. When the CAB service was first established in New Zealand it was considered important to reflect New Zealand’s culture and people, including recognition of Māori as tangata whenua (the first people of New Zealand). 
The British CAB had adopted an owl as its symbol but because for some iwi the owl represents death, a new symbol was sought. It was decided that a manaia would be suitable – the mythical bird-man creature commonly incorporated into the lintels of wharenui (meeting houses on marae) as a symbol of protection.   

The CAB Manaia is a taonga (treasure) for our organisation. It has been with us for as long as the CAB has been in New Zealand. It is part of our logo, thus part of our identity, and represents our uniqueness as the CAB in New Zealand. It also gives us something to live up to – to work in the spirit of the Manaia, honouring its protective forces. 

We aim to create a future where there are no barriers to:

  • Māori participating in all aspects of the CAB, 
  • the CAB service reaching and being effective for all Māori who need it, 
  • effective partnerships with Māori organisations and communities at both local and national levels.
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