About Us 


What we do

Why we do what we do, what we aim to achieve, what we aspire to in terms of how we work with clients, the importance of volunteering to the CAB, and our visual identity.

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About our brand

CAB's visual identity, manaia, logo, typeface, Maori name, and positioning line.

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Treaty of Waitangi and Mauri Manaia

We have adopted Mauri Manaia as our kaupapa (set of principles) which forms the foundation of the CAB commitment to: Acknowledging Māori as tangata whenua

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Read the latest news and media releases from CABNZ

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Our structure

The structure of the CAB at the local, regional, and national levels.

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Our history

The birth of the CAB in the UK, the origins of the CAB in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the development of our unique NZ CAB service in a changing world.

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Our supporters

The organisations which support the work of Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand (CABNZ) through funding or in other ways.

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Our funders

Organisations which contribute financial support to the work of Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use for the CABNZ website.

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CABNZ Publications

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