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Changes to social housing

08 April 2014

From 14 April, a number of changes will affect Housing New Zealand (HNZ) tenants and applicants.

Family Justice - how separated parents can resolve care of children disputes

24 March 2014

From 31 March, changes to the Family Court will affect how the Court can help separating parents (or other caregivers such as grandparents) who can’t agree on the day to day care arrangements of their children.

Not sure how to sort out your complaint or dispute? Ask us.

14 March 2014

The week of 17 – 23 March is CAB Awareness Week, and we are focusing on how to effectively deal with complaints and disputes, and how we can help.

Challenging a will

19 February 2014

If you keep your will up-to-date and try to be fair in how your estate is to be divided among the people who survive you, it could save them from the stress and cost of someone challenging your will when you’re gone.

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