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Challenging a will

22 January 2015

If you keep your will up-to-date and try to be fair in how your estate is to be divided among the people who survive you, it could save them from the stress and cost of someone challenging your will when you’re gone.

CAB Christmas hours

16 December 2014

Even CAB volunteers need a break over Christmas and the New Year, so here is some important information if you wish to contact us over the holiday period.

Non-contact orders to protect victims from offenders

08 December 2014

From 1 January 2015, a victim of a serious violent or sexual offence will be able to apply for a court order to prevent the offender from contacting them.

Changes to employment law

17 November 2014

There will be some significant changes to employment law from 6 March 2015. These changes mainly affect employees’ and employer’s rights relating to flexible working arrangements, meal and rest breaks and collective bargaining.

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