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Goods you buy must be of “acceptable quality”

22 June 2017

If you buy consumer goods from a New Zealand business, you are protected by law. The Consumer Guarantees Act says that those goods must be of “acceptable quality” under the law. But what does this actually mean?

National Volunteer Week 2017

08 June 2017

The week of 18-24 June, is National Volunteer Week, and is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the amazing contribution that volunteers make to New Zealand society.

If you can plan a road trip, you can plan for a civil defence emergency

16 May 2017

Getting prepared for an earthquake, tsunami or other emergency might seem like too much hard work, but don’t be too quick to toss this important task in the too-hard basket.

Campaign against sneaky fees

02 May 2017

Have you been hit by sneaky fees recently? These are the additional fees that hide in the fine print, or shout “Surprise!” just as you are about to complete your purchase.

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