Migrant Information Sessions 

If you’ve recently moved to New Zealand you probably have lots of questions about how things work. We run regular information sessions aimed at new migrants in our area, all migrants are welcome!

You can also call or come into the bureau if you want any information or assistance. You can also find more information for migrants elsewhere on our website.

Information Sessions

CAB Napier are running a free information session which will answer any questions you may have about how schools are run in New Zealand.

Some of your questions may include:

  • Do you have to pay for?
  • What are the fees?
  • Why am I asked to give a donation?
  • What are the school hours?
  • Can I take my child out of school for a holiday during term time?
  • What school would suit my child?

We are delighted to welcome as speaker, Roy Sye, who is the Director of Education for Tairawhiti and Hawkes Bay. Come and hear this very informative session.

Date :     Tuesday 2 April 2019
Time :      1 pm to 3 pm
Venue :   Citizens Advice Bureau, Napier, 126 Hastings Street, Napier (next door to the BNZ)

For more information or to register please call Jenny Pearce on 06 835 7139 or email  manager.napier@cab.org.nz

Previous Workshops
Knowing Your Employment Rights in New Zealand - 12 February 
The New Zealand Health System - 4 December 2018
This session covered the following topics:

  • Keeping yourself fit and well
  • The costs of healthcare
  • How to find a GP
Feeling at Home in Hawkes Bay: Support for New Migrants - 25 September 2018
This session covered:
  • How to build resilience in an emergency
  • Improving your English
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Finding support when you need it
  • Making friends and connections

Employment and You - 20 March 2018
This session covered:

  • What are the minimum employment rights in New Zealand?
  • What can I do if I am not being treated fairly?
  • Where can I go for help or support?

Understanding Kiwi Culture – a presentation at the MCA with Pot Luck Dinner - 2 December 2017
This session covered:

  • Learning about the Multicultural Association regular Pot Luck Dinners
  • Understanding the meaning of Kiwi slang
  • Making friends and expanding networks
  • Getting information about how Citizen Advice Bureau can provide ongoing support, information and advice
  • Having your say about future presentations on settling into a new country

New Migrants in Hawkes Bay - 26 September 2017
This session covered:

  • The many resources available in your local library
  • Free workshops available for women at the Heretaunga Women’s Centre
  • Make friends and expand your networks
  • How Citizens Advice Bureau can provide ongoing support, information and advice.

Networking and Volunteering in Hawkes Bay - 10 May 2017
This session covered:

  • Learning about the regular lunch group for newcomers to Hawkes Bay
  • Listening to a speaker from Volunteering Hawkes Bay on the benefits of giving your time to a local community group
  • Making friends and expanding your network
  • Getting information about how Citizens Advice Bureau can provide ongoing support, information and advice

Employment in Hawkes Bay - March 7 2017
This session covered:

  • How do I get an interview?
  • Where do I find advertised vacancies?
  • What can I do if I don’t get minimum wage?
  • What is my holiday entitlement?
  • Where can I go for help?
  • What can I do if I don’t feel I am being treated fairly?
  • What happens if I am sick or have an accident at work?
  • What if English is my second language?
  • How many hours should I work?

New Zealand Education System  - 15 November 2016
This session covered:

  • Do I have to live in the School Zone?
  • What do I have to pay?
  • How to choose a suitable school?
  • Are school uniforms compulsory?
  • Is there support for new migrants?
  • Should I choose public or private?

New Zealand Health System Helping You
20 September 2016

Finding Work and Knowing Employment Rights in New Zealand
25 May 2016

Sports and Recreational Activities in Hawkes Bay
30 March 2016

Consumer Rights
2 November 2015

Education in Hawkes Bay
29 September 2015

New Zealand’s healthcare and ACC
6 July 2015

Employment in Hawkes Bay
26 June 2015

Understanding New Zealand's Tax System and Volunteering in Hawkes Bay

25 March 2015

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