About this bureau 

CAB Language Link ensures that language need not be a barrier to people who lack confidence or skills in the English language, or for those who are seeking assistance with their settlement into a new country.  We provide free and confidential information and advice, interpreting support and advocacy for all people in 25 languages, over a wide range of settlement needs, queries, problems and relevant services for new settlers.

Pathways of information and advocacy are provided on a wide range of settlement needs, including immigration, employment, housing, income support, education, health and wellbeing.

You can phone or email our service.

We also offer a national telephone interpreting service which can be accessed by

  • Calling 0800 78 88 77
  • Calling any of the local Citizens Advice Bureaux throughout New Zealand

Each of the 25 languages has its own phone extension number for direct access. All phone calls are initially answered in the ethnic language followed by English. All messages left will be responded to. We have a telecommunications system that can have several people in different locations all in on the same conversation to address your difficulties quickly. 

We also offer eight ethnic email addresses which will be responded to in the specific language.

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  • Call CAB: 0800 367 222.
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